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Maintenance Agreements

Take a Look at Our Service Maintenance Agreement

Why Should You Have a Service Maintenance Agreement?

Many people wonder if they should purchase a service maintenance agreement for their heating and air-conditioning equipment. A Service Maintenance Agreement will provide you with:
  • Safety – We'll service your heating and air-conditioning twice a year. This will help extend the life of your equipment and insure your indoor comfort
  • In the fall, we'll perform a 20 point check on your furnace, thermostat and humidifier (if applicable) to insure proper operation. As part of this check-up, we will replace the filter on your furnace and clean your pilot burner and flame sensor. Media filters and humidifier pads will be replaced at an additional charge
  • In the spring, we'll perform a 23 point check on your air conditioner and will replace the filter on your furnace and clean the condenser coil. Media filters and humidifier pads will be replaced at an additional charge
  • Service – As a Service Maintenance customer, you'll benefit from priority response in an emergency situation
  • Savings – You'll receive a 15% discount on all parts and labor needed to complete any repairs throughout the year. Also, properly maintained equipment could result in a lower heating bill
  • We service all makes and models of heating and air-conditioning equipment, including boilers and geothermal
  • Maintenance will be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday
Call us today to sign up or obtain more information on our Service Maintenance agreements.

Advantages of Maintaining Your Heating and Air-Conditioning System

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program study, savings of 12 to 18% can be easily attained by the performance of regular maintenance on HVAC equipment.

“Good maintenance practices can generate substantial energy savings and should be considered a resource.”

Dirty coils, fans, and poor filtration cost you money through reduced efficiency. Poor combustion can add 3 to 8% to your heating costs. Poor combustion occurs when the fuel to air ratio at the burners is incorrect.
Reduced airflow due to dirty coils, plugged filters, or dirty fans will raise the flue gas temperatures and reduce furnace efficiency. As flue gas temperatures go up, furnace efficiency goes down. The result is that you pay more to heat your home.

Dirty air conditioner evaporator coils not only restrict airflow, the dirt on the coil also restricts heat transfer. A dirty coil causes a loss of cooling capacity. The result of this lost capacity means that the unit must run longer to cool the house. Besides adding to your energy costs, a very dirty coil can lead to compressor failure and costly repairs or replacement of the unit.
Our Service Maintenance Agreements are designed to ensure that your equipment is operating properly and efficiently. While we can’t prevent fuel and energy prices from rising, we can help minimize the impact on your budget.

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