Air Conditioning Articles

5 Common AC Problems

May 15, 2024
5 Common AC Problems. Running air conditioning unit.

The first step to optimizing efficiency is remembering to change your system’s air filter once every three months. This simple maintenance task ensures a balanced airflow, so your AC doesn’t overwork itself.

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Spring Money-Saving Tips

April 29, 2024
dad and toddler playing together.

In the springtime, considering how you can reduce your energy bills is always a great idea.

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3 Signs It’s Time for a New AC

April 15, 2024
3 Signs It’s Time for a New AC. Man in his living room sitting on a deckchair with his feet in a mini pool reading a book.

Should you repair or replace? That’s always the big question when it comes to major home systems like air conditioning (AC).

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How to Protect Your AC From Storms

August 10, 2023
How to Protect Your AC From Storms. Thunder, lightning and rain during summer storm at night.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There’s a reason why that old adage has been passed down through the years.

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How Does Your Central Air Conditioner Cool Your Home?

July 12, 2023
How Your AC Cools Your Home. Air & heat pump shown in front of a house.

Aside from the professionals, like ours at Brandon Heating & Air Conditioning, who really thinks about air conditioners and their components?

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